Forever Blooming Wellness

Forever Blooming Wellness

Our bodies are intricate instruments and customizing the session to what you need makes the massage experience the best possible.

Communicating to me your desires before the massage will help you get the most out of your session. Breathe in and enjoy an optional, intuitive aromatherapy blend for additional healing benefits.

Choose a service to schedule

NMT & Reiki Headache Massage - $45
Focusing on the Scalp, Shoulders, TMJ, Sinuses and Occipitals (that nice place at the base of your skull).
Using Neuromuscular Therapy, Reiki, and Thai Massage techniques this treatment helps with migraines, headaches, TMJ Dysfunction, sinus headaches and more.
Regular massage is important for people who suffer from headaches...this service is a great option for weekly appointments!
Foot Reflexology & Reiki - $50
Reflexology is a massage used to relieve whole body tension based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears linked to every part of the body. This specific massage focuses on the feet and their connection to the body.
Massage with Reiki relieves pain in the whole body and stimulates the nerve and meridian endings in the feet; which are directly connected to corresponding muscles, organs, and energy pathways.
Includes an intuitive aromatherapy blend and warm towels.
Custom 30 Minute Massage - $50
30 minutes of focus work on what area needs the most attention.
If you are in pain and need weekly work on a small area this is a great option!
Custom 45 Minute Massage - $65
45 minutes is enough time to thoroughly work the back, hips, shoulders, arms, and neck. Clients that spend a lot of time at the computer LOVE this option.
Custom 60 Minute Massage - $85
Customizing your massage session to best fit your body's needs. Including bodywork therapies such as: Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, and Thai Stretches to bring total body relief and overall wellness.
Custom 75 Minute Massage - $105
A little bit of extra time to slip away...
Custom 90 Minute Massage - $125
90 minutes is enough time to thoroughly focus on the entire body physically and energetically.
Meditate and relax for some much needed 'me' time!
Reiki - $75
Just as Massage Therapy works with the body's natural ability to heal by physically stimulating the lymph system and increasing blood circulation Reiki goes even deeper with energy work. Reiki connects you to the "Ki" that surrounds and is inside of everything in the Universe.
I practice Komyo ReikiDo, developed by Hyakuten Inamoto, which follows the traditional teachings of Mikao Usui (the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho).
Reiki is a wonderful way to support your body's innate ability to self heal.
This ancient healing art is fully clothed and great for pain relief, reducing anxiety, depression, and releasing emotional blockages.
Reiki - 30 Minutes - $45
Great as an add on to any massage or enjoy on it's own!

For $30-add on thirty minutes of Reiki healing to any Massage or Reflexology session.
Prenatal Massage (60 Minutes) - $85
One of the best things you can do for you and your baby during this special time.
Relieve discomfort, enhance blood flow, relax your mind and slip into a deep sleep...

Some benefits of Prenatal Massage:
Decrease stress. (norepinephrine)
Enhance happy hormones. (serotonin and dopamine)
Improved sleep.
Decrease pain.
Reduce swelling and cramping.
Balanced energies for you and baby.
Prenatal Massage (90 Minutes) - $125
A little extra time for the mama-to-be!
Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes) - $105
Warm Stones combined with a customized massage brings relief to even the crankiest of muscles!
Consisting of warm stones placed along the body's energy pathways and also used as a massage tool for enhanced deep tissue and relaxation.

Some benefits of Hot Stone Therapy are:
Lymphatic Drainage and Cleansing
Stimulate Organ Function
Improve Circulation
Relax & Soothe Muscle Pain
Remove Energy Blockages
Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Hot Stone Massage (90 minutes) - $145
All the hot stone magic with a little more time!
Mobile Massage (call for appointment)
For mobile appointments there is an additional out-call fee; Ideas for setting up a massage table are in your home, office, couples massage and more.
($25 inside the perimeter + $1/mi outside the perimeter.)
Chair Massage - $75 (call for appointment)
Think Spa Parties, Office/Employee Appreciation, Wellness Events...etc. The hour(s) can be split up however you like, either 5-30 minute massages depending on how many people and preferences.
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